• Jennifer Thayer

Ode to Momming

I can’t do it!

All of it!

I can raise my kids, get little sleep, drink lots of coffee, work out, volunteer, write a book, work a business, be an attentive wife, keep my house clean, read a book, journal, AND keep my sanity!

Yep, it’s all possible if I just focus. I can do it!

Step away from the emails, voicemails, podcasts,…. get off the Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn long enough to make the list!

Completing the list might be a challenge before bedtime. I do have laundry to do, need to snowblow the drive, forgot to pick up the prescriptions,….. oh crap! It’s also speech therapy night!

Yet, it’s all still possible! Use that Master’s degree you earned years ago and excel in all the things!

Sure, you’re a tad foggy and sleepy from being up all night. Humidifiers don’t fill themselves and kids with coughs need back rubs.

It’s not going to hold me back! Nope!

I go! Just watch me conquer!

Shaking a tail feather all the way to my couch… for just a little bit. Some ME time. With the remote, and Gilmore Girls, and a blanket,…

For right now, I will observe Lorelia and Rory meet their goals. Mine are just a smidge out of reach.

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