• Jennifer Thayer


Updated: Jan 8, 2020

😳 Ok, ... let me rephrase that...🤔 BECAUSE of taking the Fowler Life Coach training with Liz Venendaal as my Master Coach, I tossed that old, worn, security-blanket of a bra for ME!

You see, I’ve had this IMAGE in my head of what I’m supposed to LOOK like, how I should PRESENT myself, what I should SAY and DO to MEASURE UP in society today. That bra was one of many things that just made me feel “Okay” about my place in life.😰🤫🤭 After all, us Stay home/work from home moms have a gazillion hours in the day to work out, look sharp, clean house, run errands, do the laundry, feed the family AND bring home the bacon, right!? 🤪 Geesh! Talk about high expectations! The Fowler Coaching program, helped me gain a better understanding of my true priorities in life! 🥰 With the guidance of Liz, the training videos, and exercises, I was able to see the self-limiting beliefs I placed upon myself, causing such anxiety. It has helped my get a better perspective of what I truly want to do with my life and the goals I have for my family.📝❤️ Gaining confidence and feeling validated from the coursework has been life changing for me. ☯️ And so it begins! Tossing old patterns and moving forward in prosperity!

🚀 Let’s do this together, ladies! Shall we?

If you want information on Life Coach services or training, don’t be shy!

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