• Jennifer Thayer

How a small decision can turn your life around

Updated: Jan 13, 2020

For me it was as simple as a message on Facebook. That one simple message that spoke to me.... well, whispered to me.... "Maybe this is what you've been searching for."

Sure, doubts, fears, habit, all step in the way of trying something new. It's human nature to want to stick with patterns of behavior that keep you safe. That make you feel in control.

It starts with a small decision that you might want to look at your life a little differently.

You possibly could work up to discussing with someone the things you aren't completely happy with.

Maybe then you allow yourself to dream a tad about how your life really could be!

Then with the encouragement and guidance from that one special coach, you make the huge decision to set new goals and work toward the life you deserve.

And for me, it all started with a message on Facebook.

How will it start for you.


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