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Cat Toes & Life Goals

Updated: May 2

Seriously, how can you not love cat toe? Actually, cat, dog, guinea pig, baby.... toes in general are one of my favorite things in the whole entire world! Always have been for as long as I can remember breathing!

You might think me a weirdo, yet I bet you too have a weird Favorite Thing! We all do! It's just part of being- my dog has a favorite toy, my cat has a preferred spot on my bed, my husband has a favorite sweatshirt. Favorites define who you are! From preferences in color to music, from movie genre to mode of transportation, you make choices of what suits YOU best.

Many of us carry that Favorite Things theme into our life's goals and ambitions. We choose where we live, our college majors, our jobs based on these faves. I for one, loved kids. Littles just lit up my heart! I babysat, volunteered at schools, worked at daycare centers all through college. My college major?- Early Childhood Special Education. Time with Littles and get paid to help them reach milestones and grow....? SIGN ME UP!

Now, sure. I also love cat toes, yet that's a tough one to get paid to admire. So teaching it was. Until parenting took over. Then parenting lead to blogging and blogging lead to another love, writing. Writing from my heart to help other's and get paid for it was super dreamy. Writing lead to networking and connecting and soon... I'm a Life Coach! Helping others, sigh,... yep, my ultimate favorite.

Now I know that there are many people who feel at a loss. They have favorites (again, we all do.) yet they focus on their fears, their doubts, the uncertainty of earning a living or starting a life based on those favorites. Are you one of those lost souls? Do you work for a paycheck yet despise that monotonous life you lead? Do you have skills, yet long to hone in on your talents? Do you love the sun yet live in the dark and cold? Do you desire change yet haven't a clue where to start?

FEAR NOT, friend! You are in luck! For you have people like ME, certified Life Coaches, who vow to devote our love of helping others to guide YOU! Guide you to your favorites and project a plan into how to make them your life's focus.

If that sound FANTASTIC, and you want to know a bit more about what coaching can do for you, shoot me a message or call.

You might be surprised at how creative we can get with your personal favorites? Origami and Karate, basket-weaving and yodeling? We can do it! You just gotta believe!

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