• Jennifer Thayer

Braving It.

Let's face it, folks. Life is never easy. No one's is. We all find worries, issues, big decisions, and fears. I say "find" because much of those we create ourselves... but that is for another day....or private session. (wink)

As a family... actually, more so as a parents, Bryan and I decided that we weren't going to let Roa's cerebral palsy prevent us from travelling. It is our goal to visit each one of the United States. Having a child who uses a wheelchair doesn't blow that goal. It could. We realize that.

We could find the worries, issues, fears. We could hem and haw over the decisions. We could dream up reasons why it is just easier to forego this life's goal.

Yet how would that serve us? As a couple? As a family? As role models to two young boys, one of which just happens to move on wheels?

We have decided to face the uneasiness of the task and DO IT ANYWAY! Isn't that what Roa does each day of his 11-year long life? If he can fight muscle spasms, sleepless nights, and inability to speak, I can battle extra equipment, googling accessible bathrooms, and carrying him into places wheelchairs cannot enter.

It's not easy, folks. Some days of course are a little bit tougher than others. Lazy pool days need to follow hiking excursions, but we go on the trip.

My point for you, friends who are reading...

STOP limiting yourself by FINDING all the things that could go wrong. START visualizing what you could be doing if you only begin.

Sure, you can make the Pros and Cons list. Yet too many people don't even allow themselves to get that far. Putting pen to paper with the list might actually draw out the possibilities of being brave! That is scary. However, I challenge you.

Do it. Make that list on actual paper that your eyes MUST view. Allow your brain to dream a bit without sleep. What could your life look like if you only give that challenge a go!?

Next week, we are off to Palm Springs, California on our latest family adventure! I'll be back to tell you all about it! Life isn't easy, but it is here for us to live. Let's make the most of it!


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