• Jennifer Thayer

Better Together

I walk her daily, though she's starting to show her age.

Liv is a rescue dog, so we guess her age to be around 12 years old.

Before coming to live with us 6 years ago, Liv was tied outside and forgotten. Until she was found and take into the animal shelter.

Scared and not used to a leash, Liv acted like walks were torture when I first took her!

We soon found our pattern and she found new joy in our day's adventure.

Now our walks are a MUST in her book!

Even though she often trails behind, she keeps going. We stop here and there for her to catch her breath, but she keeps at it!

Liv never gives up. We are partners in the walk and I will never let her fail. She's living her doggy dream!

To Liv, I do what every Life Coach should. I cheer her on every step of the way and we make it,.. Together!

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