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Dear client, Hello, friend!

Thanks so much for taking a look at Thayer Life Coaching. When a friend of mine came to me and mentioned that I should look into taking the course work to become a Life Coach, I laughed. I feel hurried, stretched, and confused most of my days! But then I thought, "Don't we all?" Why can't I be the one to learn techniques to stop the life rush and rumble and get to the heart of individual goals?


So, I said YES and became a Coach! Boy, did I learn a ton about myself and the psychology behind goal setting! Life Coach speaks to my very soul. Helping people dissect their life and dream past today to set a vision for a bright future is ridiculously rewarding for me!


So let's chat, brain storm, trouble shoot, and aim towards the bright new tomorrow together. You share your heart with me and I'll will set out to make it my mission to honor your openess with the gift of a strong vision statement, pointed goals, and steps you can take to get there!


Let me help stop the hamster wheel of life and help you EMBRACE your future.


UW-Eau Claire: Bachelor's Special Education  |  UW-La Crosse: Master's Educational Leadership

Dynamic Body Balancing by Dr.Carol Phillips: Certificate Myofascial Release Craniosacral Therapy

Fowler International Professional Life Coaching: Certificate Life Coach


Hi, I am Bryan Thayer and I am a Financial Coach certified through Ramsey Solutions Financial Coaching Program. 


I have been serving people as a coach for the majority of my professional career as a manufacturing and construction safety professional.  I have gained a lot of knowledge and experience helping people work safely and live better lives because of it.  I am now using that passion to help people change their relationship with money and to gain financial peace and freedom using the tried and true 7 Baby Steps approach.  I know this approach works because my family has used it become debt free twice and I have helped others achieve the same.  Becoming debt free and remaining that way requires a learning new skills and habits.  And like learning anything new, it is best to have a coach to help you along the path and I would love to be that coach.


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University of Minnesota: Bachelor's of Science Degree

University of Minnesota: Master of Industrial Safety Degree

Ramsey Solutions: Ramsey Financial Coach Certificate