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Looking for more meaning and fulfillment? Overwhelmed, exhausted, searching?



Financial worry is a leading cause of stress today. Learn to change your relationship with money.



As a young adult entering the work place or moving on to college or internship, having a strong introduction can lead to confidence and success.


Hello Friend,

Hello, friend,

Thanks so much for taking a look at Thayer Coaching.

When we chatted on our porch, over our morning cup of coffee,  about starting a joint coaching endeavor, we laughed. How could we balance a side-gig when we feel hurried, stretched, and confused about priorities on most days? But then we decided, "Don't most of us parents?"   Especially ones with special needs to contend with.

So, why can't we be the ones to learn techniques to stop the life rush and rumble and get to the heart of individual goals for a brighter future?

We said YES and became Coaches! Jennifer a certified Life Coach and Bryan, a certified Financial Coach.

Boy, did we learn a ton about ourselves, our family’s future, and the psychology behind goal setting. Coaching speaks to our drive to serve others. Helping people dissect their life and dream past today to gain a vision and set a plan for a bright future is ridiculously rewarding for us.

So let's chat, brainstorm, trouble-shoot, and aim toward a new tomorrow together. You share your life with a coach and we will set out to make it our mission to honor your openness with the gift of a strong vision statement, pointed goals, and steps you can take to get there!

Let us help stop the hamster wheel of life and help you embrace your future.

Bryan + Jennifer

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"This coaching is the best I’ve ever received BY FAR! I’m still shook by how much has changed in just the few short sessions we’ve completed so far! I feel like I’m finally breaking the cycle of getting “stuck” in life thanks to Jennifer, she’s showed me what small things to change that have major impacts."